How do we work?

Here's a challenge: How do you distill ten years of team experience in strengthening policy research in the Global South? 

Over 2018 and 2019, Lost Art Media worked with the Think Tank Initiative to digest what had been learned - across twenty countries - from a decade of programming on key topics such as research quality, policy influence, and gender equality. We facilitated group discussions that drew out reflections from staff members who had nurtured think tanks over the years. We developed a template for a short series of TTI Insight briefs and then dove into a wealth of source material. With expert feedback from TTI staff and leaders, we honed the briefs to ensure the lessons were sound and spoke for them, conveying messages that other donors, researchers and practitioners can apply to their own work with think tanks.

We don't always have the luxury of roundtable discussions with clients. And not every project needs months of work. But we always work in close collaboration to pinpoint what really matters and bring it to light.

What clients have said

Your skills, expertise, excellent writing and editing have helped us fulfill our mission to amplify voices of feminist peacebuilders […] I thank you so much for the privilege of collaborating over the years.”

“I almost wept with joy to read the work you’ve done so far – this is exactly our original vision. The additional research […] is all so powerful…” 

“We are really thrilled with your work on this draft – you have brought a clarity to the narrative that provides the much more focussed presentation that we have been lacking.  We like and agree with all of your structural changes.  And we recognize this was no easy feat.”

“Thank you for the work you did on pulling together our learning […] It is really wonderful to have our program experience captured in one place. We are very pleased with how this all turned out.”